What people are saying about The Berry Basket Mysteries

Dying for Strawberries - Book One

“Set in beautiful western Michigan, Sharon Farrow’s Berry Basket Mystery Series is delightful! A clever plot combined with lovable characters had me furiously turning pages to find out whodunit. Farrow deftly weaves multiple plot threads together for a satisfying conclusion that left me anxiously awaiting the next installment. Highly recommended!” – Dawn Eastman, national bestselling author of the Family Fortune Mystery series

If you are looking for a delicious new series, look no further than Dying for Strawberries. A strong main character and a fast moving mystery will leave you hungry for more. Five Stars! – Carstairs Considers

 “Charm and wit draw you in to this debut series and the mystery is action packed and kept me turning the pages to the end. The berry recipes are scrumptious and Marlee Jacob is a protagonist with a big heart and gumption. Small towns in Michigan are ripe for tourism and intrigue.” – Nancy Coco, national bestselling author of the Mackinac Island Candy-coated Fudge shop series.

“5 Stars***** I really enjoyed this first outing of the Berry Basket mysteries, with it’s crazy cast of characters, and well plotted and written story.  Hope to see more of these books.” – Murder, Mystery & More

“Strawberry picking at its finest.  Dying for Strawberries has it all.  Delicious small town ambience, tasty cast of characters, and a plot so satisfying you’ll want to return for another serving of the Berry Basket Mysteries.” – Gail Oust, author of the Spice Shop Mystery series

“What a delicious start to a new series! This was a fast paced mystery with an interesting and diverse cast of characters that I could actually care about. There were plenty of suspects, and enough twists and turns to keep me guessing. I thoroughly enjoyed the story, and I can’t wait to make some Strawberry Smash muffins!” – The Book’s The Thing

“A good beginning to a new cozy series. The author did a good job with giving us some charming characters to fall in love with as well as a location we will want to keep visiting. This was a quick read for me as I could not wait to find out who was the murder. It is a good mystery when I have a difficult time figuring out the “whodunit” and this book did that for me. I am looking forward to more books in this series and to see what happens next.” – A Holland Reads

“A good job was done with the pool of suspects and some strategically placed clues that included some twist and turns which added to my reading pleasure. I enjoyed this engaging whodunit that boasts a wonderful cast of characters and good dialogue and I can’t wait to see what happens next in Marlee’s world.” – Dru’s Book Musing

“What a treat! Dying for Strawberries whips up the perfect recipe for a great cozy: A charming setting, a feisty heroine, and a smart mystery. The town of Oriole Point is the perfect blend of quaint and quirky; Berry Basket owner Marlee Jacob is independent and ingenious; and the mystery is snappy and satisfying. A five-star cozy!” – Cindy Brown, Agatha nominated author of the Ivy Meadows Mystery series

“A strong debut for this new series. The story had my attention right from the beginning and kept it all the way through the book. This is a well written cozy mystery with characters the reader will like and a well crafted mystery that keeps you guessing until the end.” – Peggy’s Bookshelf

“Whoever said small town life is dull never visited Oriole Point, Michigan! Marlee Jacob has enough humor and pluck to keep her lakeside town happily complicated for years to come.” – Laurie Cass, author of the Cat Bookmobile Mystery series

Night Owl TOP PICK: “I love reading cozy mysteries, and this one blew me away! I enjoyed it immensely. From page one, I connected with the characters and loved the quirky, historical town of Oriole Point. It’s a bit darker than most cozies, but still fun nonetheless. It’s very well-written as well and I’m in love with the author’s writing style. The mystery was very intriguing and thought out. I loved that it wasn’t so cut and dry. There are twists and so many suspects that the reader will be guessing until the end. Most cozies have a predictability element to them, but this one didn’t, which is why I’ll gladly pick up the next book in the series and anything else by this author. Night Owl Reviews Suspense

“Farrow begins her Berry Basket series with a story of a picturesque, touristy small town … but every town has its bad guy. The characters in this tale are fun and funky, and readers will enjoy the camaraderie between them. All in all, this is an enjoyable read.” – RT Book Review

“Highlights of this fast-paced and chunky mystery (almost 350 pages, longer than the usual amateur sleuth book) include Marlee’s solid friendships that come through for her, and the yummy recipes at the back. (I plan to try the Strawberry Nut Bread soon.) A lively distraction from real life, for at least a few hours!” – Kingdom Books, a recommended “Amateur Sleuth Mysteries to Lower the Holiday Stress”

“This is the start to an engaging new series that serves up an ample amount of quirky characters who succeed in being as realistic as they are sympathetic. Readers will be fully invested in seeing the decisions Marlee makes in her life, not to mention the chance to spend even more time in this lively and entertaining town.”  Kings River Life Magazine

“5 Stars***** The characters are well developed, well rounded and three dimensional.  I enjoyed getting to know Marlee, her friend Tess and her friend Max. The writing style flows smoothly and the book is an easy fast read. There were so many suspects to consider that is was like a Who’s Who in killers.  And there were enough twists and turns and clues to pick up along the way that I never did figure out who the murderer was until it was revealed at the end. I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys a well crafted cozy mystery.  I am happy that this is the first book in what I hope is a long series.”  – MJB Reviewers

“From the moment I saw the cover art on this new book and heard that subsequent books would be centered around a variety of berries, I knew Sharon Farrow had found a winning combination! I like how the protagonist, Marlee, is already established in town with her business, The Berry Basket, instead of starting brand new. This gives a wider variety of supporting characters to interact with and gives greater insight into who Marlee is. The mystery and subplots are nicely woven together which adds to the appeal of this book. I was delighted to find out that not only was there a story centered around strawberries but the author includes several yummy strawberry recipes!” – Cinnamon And Sugar…And A Little Bit of Murder

“A great start to a new series. The mystery was well written, and just how planned out the murder was was a bit freaky.” – Polished Nails and Puppy Dog Tails

Blackberry Burial - Book Two

BLACKBERRY BURIAL, the second installment in the Berry Basket Mystery series, will have your pulse racing as a killer comes to light in the small town of Oriole Point. Once again, Farrow has done a spectacular job, and even added some seriously awesome recipes so readers can chow down on dishes like Blackberry Balsamic Drumsticks while being thrilled by this great tale!”Suspense Magazine

5 Stars! ***** “The further into the book I got, the harder I found it to set the book down. That only increased when I got to the climax, which left me racing to get Marlee safe. I really came to love Marlee and her home town of Oriole Point in the first book, and it was great to be back. The characters are a huge part of that charm … Over the course of Blackberry Burial, we find out about some pretty obscure berries, and I’m thrilled. Why? That means the series can run for a long time. Once you meet Marlee Jacob, you’ll be rooting for the same thing.”– Carstairs Considers

“The cast of characters was so delightful that I didn’t want to put this mystery down. With the weather recently taking a cold turn in Ohio, I enjoyed getting to read a summertime mystery set along the Michigan shoreline. I loved how the author wrote an exciting story right from the beginning, with things to keep me guessing the whole time. I absolutely adored Blackberry Burial and hope you’ll give it a try.” – Brooke Blogs

 “Memorable characters are the backbone of a good mystery and Sharon Farrow has filled her berry basket with them. Blackberry Burial is a mystery that gets increasingly more intense and dramatic. It starts whimsical, but although fun and humor are maintained, serious layers begin to develop creating heightened tension and suspense. Ultimately, Sharon Farrow produces a heart pounding, exciting race to the finish in her second Berry Basket Mystery.” – Cozy Up With Kathy

“I thought this second book in the Berry Basket series was a terrific read. It was fun and fast paced. It kept me engaged the entire book. I really enjoy Marlee’s character. She is fun, outgoing, caring, independent, and smart. I like that she tried to keep the police involved with anything she discovers along the way. I thought the mystery was really well done. …  The author did a wonderful job at providing the reader with plenty of suspects. A wonderfully entertaining read that is set in a charming lakeshore resort town with likeable characters and a well plotted mystery. Sure to keep you turning pages to find out how the mystery is solved.” – Peggy’s Bookshelf

“This second book is a delightful addition to an entertaining series and I lost myself in Oriole Point, Michigan as the town prepares itself for the 4th of July festivities. The Blackberry Art School is also celebrating its centenary with numerous events, including a road rally. Marlee is pulled into the planning by the mayor’s wife … whose dog unearths an old skeleton on a reputedly haunted farm. As Marlee tries to discover who the body belongs to and why they were abandoned in the woods, she discovers a link to her baker.

I enjoyed how Marlee assigns fictional character personalities (from books, tv or movies) to the people she meets and talks to. It helps the reader “see” the characters of BLACKBERRY BURIAL. There are plenty of viable suspects that are woven from the cold case into the present day. The plot flowed and effortlessly wove the subplots into the story without being detracting. There were plenty of twists and turns to keep the reader engaged and turning pages and after a hair-raising reveal, the finale finishes with a scene that will warm your heart!” – Cinnamon And Sugar…And A Little Bit Of Murder

BLACKBERRY BURIAL  is the second installment in Sharon Farrow’s Berry Basket Mystery series and what a read it is. The Berry Basket is a new and cute thing in the cozy. You can easily relate to Marlee. Her friend Piper’s dog is the one who finds the dead body. Everything points to Theo, Marlee’s baker. She knows he didn’t kill anyone. So she sets out to prove it. The reader will be on the edge of their seat waiting to see what happens. The author will keep you guessing until the very end. Rated 5 Teacups!” – Sleuth Cafe

“This was a fun and entertaining read. It was the first book in the series that I read and I easily jumped into Marlee’s world as owner of The Berry Basket in Oriole Point, Michigan. This story is full of entertaining twists and turns that kept me captivated until the very end. I didn’t figure the crime out ahead of time and I enjoyed going along for the ride as Marlee pulls out all the stops to solve the case. If you are looking for an exciting mystery with a great setting and great characters BLACKBERRY BURIAL  is for you!” – A Cozy Experience

“Marlee cares about the people who work for her; she shows a great deal of compassion towards Theo, her baker, who faces challenges in interactions with others. I appreciated the way the author presented Theo’s vulnerabilities and how Marlee stood by him, determined to help the police solve the case. . .The plot moved along at a good pace, with a few red herrings, and a resolution that pulled things together nicely. I especially enjoyed the antics of Marlee’s remarkable parrot who was quick to pick up new vocabulary and spout phrases and songs at opportune (and inopportune) moments.”  – Cassidy’s Bookshelves

“Enjoyed this book just as much as the first one in the series if not more. Be sure to have a snack handy while reading this book as reading about all the tasty treats will leave you hungry. I like how the author gives you tidbits about the fruit in the title; this one just happens to be blackberries. It was fun to go back to the Berry Basket and our friends from the little town. I liked how the people of the town have a special bond with each other. The author puts enough twists and turns in the story to keep you guessing. There were multiple suspects which made it fun to guess who was the actual one who was the guilty party. This is one of my favorite series and I highly recommend it. I am looking forward to the next book in the series.!” – A Holland Reads

“Although this is the second book in the series, I read it without having read the first one, and had no problem. Events from the first book are mentioned, but they are explained sufficiently  to keep a reader from getting confused or lost. I enjoyed all of the berry information provided in the story and reading about the berry-themed products Marlee sells in her store. I love her parrot, as well as Charlemagne, the Great Dane. Aside from Marlee, my favorite character is Theo. . .  There is another character I LOVE her chemistry with and hope things continue to heat up between them. The mystery is very well developed throughout the course of the story, and the reveal was a big surprise to me. I definitely look forward to reading more about the folks in Oriole Point. (And I hope to try the recipe for Blackberry Chicken in this book as well!) Rated 4 Stars.” – Book Babble

5 Stars! Marlee and her friends are back in the second Barry Basket Mystery and I enjoyed this one even more than the first. . . I enjoy reading about Marlee and her friends, and I would love to visit Oriole Point. With such a great combination of characters, setting, and suspense, I’m already looking forward to Book #3.” – The Book’s The Thing

Night Owl TOP PICK: “Beyond amazing!!! Perfection! The actual mystery itself was brilliant, very creative and carefully plotted. There were so many twists and suspects that it was hard to pinpoint the actual bad guy. It was definitely unpredictable, and the ending was thrilling and action-packed. I loved it.. . .My favorite thing was the budding relationship between Theo – Marlee’s baker – and Marlee. It’s truly authentic and beautiful. The last couple pages of the story, when they talk, brought tears to my eyes. A definite “awww” moment. This was a great book. Everything about it was awesome! From the captivating mystery to the fun and exciting characters to the action-packed ending, everything was just spot on. I’m anxiously awaiting the third installment. I need it now!” – Night Owl Reviews

“The second in the series and just as good as the first book, DYING FOR STRAWBERRIES! There is food (and recipes!) and while I knew you could do a lot with all sorts of berries, I learned several new ways to enjoy them. The characters are engaging and add depth to the story. Yes, there are some wacky characters, and some you love to hate, but they meld well together. As for the mystery portion, I didn’t guess who was responsible for what happened 20 years ago. Check out this series! We give it Four Paws Up.”  – Storeybook Reviews



Killed on Blueberry Hill - Book Three

“5 STARS! One reason I enjoy this series is that the plots offer a bit more than the typical cozy. I was enjoying the book the entire way through but by the final third I could barely stand to put the book down. The twists and complications for Marlee were so compelling I had to know what would happen next. Like a good berry, this book has a bit of a kick to go with the sweet cozy trappings. Fans new and old will enjoy reading KILLED ON BLUEBERRY HILL!” – Carstairs Considers

“KILLED ON BLUEBERRY HILL is a page turner for me. I could not put my Kindle down. I just wanted to keep reading and was disappointed when it ended. There were several twists along the way to finding a killer. I was very surprised at how it all ended up.”– Socrates’ Book Reviews

“5 STARS! KILLED ON BLUEBERRY HILL is the third installment in the Berry Basket Mystery series and so far is my favorite.I love Marlee and how she is able to see right through what people were saying. The events moved along quickly, with quite a few twists and turns and I have to admit I didn’t figure out everything in the end, which kind of surprised me. I realized the clues were there but I missed them. Awesome when that happens. I actually read the book in one sitting as I couldn’t put it down. A really interesting novel and I think anyone who enjoys cozy mysteries will enjoy this book.” – Curling Up By The Fire

 “4 PAWS UP! This is the third in the series and just as enjoyable as the first two. There are quite a few surprise twists in the story and not everyone is who they appear. If you like cozies, berries, and murder then check out this series.” – Storeybook Reviews

“I was happy to get the chance to read the next installment in the Berry Basket series. The author did a great job describing all the little details. She also likes to throw in little curves so just when you think you have it all figured out, you find out you are wrong. I am looking forward to the next book in the series.”A Holland Reads

“This story was filled with so many twists and turns. The story played out unlike any other cozy mystery I’ve read. I loved that I didn’t know how it was going to end. Though this is the third in a series, you could easily enjoy reading it without having read the others. Strong characters, a well developed plot, and tasty blueberry recipes make KILLED ON BLUEBERRY HILL a cozy you shouldn’t miss.” – Brooke Blogs

“Another action packed addition to an entertaining series! The reader is immersed in the festivities of Oriole Point’s Blueberry Blow Out festival. With the author’s strong descriptive narratives, I could taste the blueberry pies; hear the screams coming from the rides like the Blueberry Hill Death Drop (a tower drop ride); see the flashing lights from the carnival games; and feel the chills and thrill  from the scary fun house…The protagonist Marlee Jacob is a marvelous character and I greatly admire the way she cares for her employees and friends. Marlee is engaged to Ryan Zellar. After an ongoing feud erupts into violence between Ryan and a neighboring farm owner, Ryan finds himself a suspect in murdering the man. Marlee is sure her fiance is innocent but Ryan is hiding secrets from her…Ms. Farrow knows how to bring an exciting pace to the story and the suspenseful conclusion had me sitting on the edge of my seat!” – Cinnamon And Sugar…And A Little Bit Of Murder


“This character driven mystery has a theme of familial loyalty, love, and hate. How far will families, particularly mothers, go to protect their children? How much faith and trust should people have in the ones they love? KILLED ON BLUEBERRY HILL is a fun read with plenty of emotional twists and turns as it reflects on family dynamics, love, and loyalty.” – Cozy Up With Kathy

This was a very well written book that kept my attention from the start of the book to the last page. I really liked Marlee and she is a well rounded character. The setting of this series is charming and seems like a place I would like to visit. I enjoyed the relationship elements in the book. The ending was pretty explosive with many things happening and I was honestly shocked by the reveal of the killer. I highly recommend this series.” – Melina’s Book Blog

“I was genuinely impressed with how KILLED ON BLUEBERRY HILL felt almost like a psychological thriller, as Marlee untangles the web of lies surrounding the death of an unpopular blueberry grower. Sharon Farrow pulls no punches as her heroine discovers more and more troubling information about the man she’s planning to marry. I’m definitely going to look into the first few books to see how Ms. Farrow seeded the clues for the engrossing tale told here.” – Criminal Element

Mulberry Mischief - Book Four

“FIVE STARS! I really can’t recommend this series highly enough. The Berry Basket Mysteries have quickly become a favorite series of mine. MULBERRY MISCHIEF starts strongly and never lets go until we reach the climax. The climax is once again fantastic and perfectly wraps up all the questions we’d had over the course of the book. If you haven’t met Marlee yet, you need to do so today. And if you are already a fan, you’ll be thrilled with her latest adventure in MULBERRY MISCHIEF.”  Carstairs Considers

“Another great entry in a fantastic series. Marlee is a lovable heroine. i really like how the author gets Marlee involved without making her seem like a busybody, or becoming really annoying, it just seems to happen naturally. And there is a delightful group of characters, each with their own personality quirks, which makes the story fun and interesting. The author doesn’t give away too much from previous books in case readers have not read them. A very enjoyable read. Great recipes included.” – Curling Up By The Fire

“Ever since I read the first book, DYING FOR STRAWBERRIES, I have been a fan of this series. When it comes to the killer in MULBERRY MISCHIEF, there are multiple possibilities as to who it might be and I didn’t figure it out until the killer was revealed. This series gets better with each book and we give this one 5 PAWS UP!” Storeybook Reviews

 “What a fantastic cozy! Totally enthralling with lots of surprises mixed with berry details making for a fantastic read. I totally loved it so I gave it 5 STARS!  Books A Plenty Book Reviews

“MULBERRY MISCHIEF is an upbeat cozy mystery with Halloween hijinks, a frisky feline, mulberry mania, a costumed killer, and a booming bell. The mystery was interesting with misdirection, multiple suspects and clever clues.”The Avid Reader

This one really kept me guessing and the quick pace didn’t let up until the end.” The Book’s The Thing

“MULBERRY MISCHIEF is a heart pounding adventure with plenty of tricks and the ultimate treat of watching the Oriole Point gang band together once more.” – Cozy Up With Kathy

MULBERRY MISCHIEF is everything delightful that you want in a cozy mystery. Lots of twists and turns – and suspects – in this well developed plot, and you’ll be riveted to the story until the final reveal. Which, by the way, is a brilliant mix of heart-in-your-throat suspense and small town hilarity. Quaint small town, intriguing & layered characters, solid and diverse friendships, and a smart plot that unravels at the perfect pace. 4.5 STARS! Loved it!” Reading Is My Superpower

This was about as exciting as a cozy mystery can be! Plenty of page turning action.” Laura’s Interests

“MULBERRY MISCHIEF is a perfect balance of small town activity, people and mystery. I have fallen in love with Oriole Point and can’t wait for the next installment. I loved the story and the characters so much that I’m giving them a rating of FIVE STARS! ”  Baroness’ Book Trove

“This is the 4th Berry Basket Mystery, and with this being one of my favorite authors, this installment did not disappoint me. Well thought out and well written. Will keep the reader guessing until the exciting conclusion.” – Melina’s Book Blog

“There were plenty of suspects that kept me guessing and plenty of action to keep me turning pages. As Marlee closes in on the identity of the killer, the suspense ratchets up until the final edge-of-your-seat conclusion.” Cinnamon, Sugar, and A Little Bit of Murder

“The mystery was intriguing and caught my attention throughout the story. There are many suspicions and so many intelligent clues, it is difficult to find the culprit before the end. The author was very good at alternating the development of the mystery and everyday life in this small town. Highly recommended.”  LibriAmoriMiei